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Been Reading:

The Naked Truth About Publishing by The Indie Voice

Recently I finished this wonderful book about self-publishing. It gives a good basic education not only for the neophyte but also for the published author who is transitioning into self-publishing. I've self-published my old books that were out of print and I had gotten the rights back. However, I've now started to publish new work with which I have not gotten the same level of professional guidance. I have beta-readers but miss the feed-back from the editor of my published books. One of course can purchase the assistance of editors but then one must be sure the person hired actually has the experience to make payment worthwhile. The writer needs the extra cash also. Now these ladies (The Indie Voice) basically work in romance (a hot category in e-publishing, although they also claim crime is hot) and appear to be raking in the bucks. Romance writers are hugely supportive of each other. I can't think of another genre that is as supportive. When I lived in the USA I belonged to Romance Writers of America and to the local chapter. Even though I didn't write romance the women were super helpful to me and invited me on signings with them. I truly miss those ladies who were incredible cheerleaders. By the time I got out of a meeting with them I was rushing home to write. A Big Thank You, Ladies. And thank you, Indie Ladies, for this inspiring book. Read More 
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