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Death's Embrace

death's embrace

Many times I’ve been asked about how I come up with ideas for my short stories and novels. There are many inspirations, from night time dreams to daydreams. Remembrances of childhood experiences are the best ways for me to take myself into a fantasy world of terror, silliness, pain, and joy. As children, our perceptions are far removed from the adult mundane world where everything has but one use or meaning.
In this collection of short stories I’ve touched on many of my fantasies and memories both from childhood and from maturity. Sometimes as I get older I feel that I am regaining some of the blessed imagination that we lose when our lives become full of household chores, making money, and meeting the demands of friends and loved ones. Or maybe I’m truly going bonkers!
I hope you truly enjoy the weird, the impossible, the fantasy, and the madness contained in each tale. This is not a book meant for those who find it impossible to let go of reality for a short time. It is for those who still believe in losing themselves with the fairies, goblins, witches, and the other secrets that dwell in the back of our minds. Give yourselves over to the thrills and scary, dark shadows inside the bedrooms of our minds.
A collection of the weird, the impossible, the childhood terrors almost forgotten, and the misfits that live in spooky dark nights when we find ourselves alone.
Fifteen stories meant for those who can still believe the impossible.