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Been Reading:

Good News!

I know I haven't been writing here for a while. Sorry. We were obsessed with the idea that John (my husband) may have another cancer. He has oral cancer and has had 5 separate tumors. In January the doctors removed all his teeth from one side of his mouth including the gums and the jaw bone. They replaced the jaw bone with a piece of fibula from his leg. He now has some difficulty walking, which is hard on him since he enjoyed walking down to the beach.

He was hospitalized for two months. A new out-of-control growth appeared and the doctors told us it was probably cancer. The surgeon took 4 biopsies. They came back clear of cancer. The surgeon was so surprised he requested a second pathologist to check the biopsies and was told there was no sign of cancer. (Whew!)

The surgeon thinks the problem is that the body isn't completely accepting the graft so John will return to the hospital in the fall to have the bone removed.

Since January John has been feeding himself through a tube in his stomach, but now they told him he can eat pureed food. Immediately after the hospital visit John and I stopped at the Writers Room and he had soup, ice cream, and milk to celebrate. I had poached cold salmon and two glasses of Prosecco. (One for each of us since with the cancer John has been told to have no alcohol.)

Hopefully now I will start catching up with my own novels and the reviews I've started to do. I've been given a number of new books to review and have to catch up.
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