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It seems over the holiday season I managed to read rather dark books. Certainly not books in keeping with any holiday spirit. The first book I thought would be funny, but instead I thought Worst, Person, Ever by Douglas Coupland was just plain silly and annoying. The main character was such pain. I kept hoping the book would get better but it didn't. It was a waste of time right up to the stupid ending.
Now to get to the darker books. I've read various books by Jim Thompson in the past and always meant to read more by this author. Finally I sat down with four of his books--A Hell of a Woman (which was a hell of a book); A Swell-Looking Babe (The character Dusty appears to be a young naive guy, supporting his dad and giving up his dream to become a doctor for his dad's sake. What a sweet guy! Or is he?); The Getaway (I really enjoyed this book. It was written before Hannibal Lechter was created, but there's definitely a similarity in personality. No, he is not a cannibal, but he is willing to do whatever must be done in his own interest. I wouldn't want to be his wife.); The Kill-off (This book is different from other books I've read by Thompson because it is told by multiply characters. This technique builds on the different perspectives, and still I was surprised by who the actual murderer was.)
I listened to the first Fifty Shades book on MP3 and over the holiday I listened to Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James. I'm not sure whether I would have gotten through both books if I had read them. However, when I travel I like to listen to books, and I had Fifty Shades Darker on my computer, so I transferred it to my MP3 player. I still haven't figured out why Anastasia Steele wants Christian Grey. Yes, he has lots of money, but he seems so cut off from his emotions. But the pair is now on the way to the altar--except that someone wants Christian Grey dead. Will he survive? Would she be better off without him? I don't know; she seems to be getting quite used to his money. Maybe she should marry him in a hurry before the dastardly villain has the opportunity to rid her of her albatross. However, I am wondering about who the potential killer is. Hmmm. Since it is a triolgy the final answer would be in Fifty Shades Freed. I'm not learning anything new about deviant sex since I've already researched BDSM for my Sade books. Still it is tempting to read Fifty Shades Freed. It's an addiction--just don't ask me why. Read More 
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