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Been Reading:

Rain Fall by Barry Eisler & Hard Rain by Barry Eisler

The first book in the Rain series is Rain Fall but typical of me I read the second one, Hard Rain, first. To be honest I don't know whether I would have read Hard Rain if I had read the books in the proper order.
For me Rain Fall was slow moving and the romance held greater priorty than the action. Hard Rain moves speedily along. Yes, a woman again enters the scene, but their relationship is suffering under the pressure of the fact that Rain killed her father. That could change any relationship even if father and daughter were not always close. Eisler's portrayal of Japan politics and culture is negative. I don't know enough about the Japanese politics to comment here; however, the way Tepco has been handling the Fukishima disaster lends credence to Eisler's take on Japan's corrupt politics. Rain's new relationship (the guy wastes no time) is tepid. Why would he bother considering meeting up with her in South America? But the action and intrigue in Hard Rain was fantastic. I definitely would recommend this book for thriller fans. Read More 
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