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Blackstone and the Endgame by Sally Spencer

June 17, 2013

Tags: book review

I was thrilled to be able to read the new Sally Spencer novel Blackstone and the Endgame as I've enjoyed other books by this author. The book lived up to most of my expectations, the dark humor, the twists and turns, the lively characters.

However, I suspect that Spencer heavily researched the book and didn't want to waste any of the research because "heavy sheepskin coat" and "felt boots" are translated into Russian in parentheses, which immediately pulled me out of the terrific story. It took merely a second or two to reorient myself, but still it was disturbing. I much prefer when she includes definitions within dialogue, as she does for the word "katorga." In non-fiction definitions in paraentheses are fine, but in fiction it doesn't look right. Also too many of the characters' dialogues had the tag "wondered", even when they didn't seem to be wondering.

Initailly the cliffhanger ending disappointed me; on the other hand, now I can't wait for the next book. Of course that was the point of the endin, wasn't it?